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Mama HelpYour Guide to Family Creation in Ukraine

Mama HelpYour Guide to Family Creation in Ukraine

Why Mama Help?

At Mama Help Agency, we work with the leading fertility clinics in Ukraine and some of the best lawyers in the field allowing us to provide personal high-quality support for all Intended Parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors. We will be there for you throughout the whole treatment process, from finding the perfect match to the birth of your new baby. Our professional and experienced team is available 24/7 to support our surrogate mothers and Intended Parents. We will make every effort so that eventually you receive a positive experience with surrogacy in Ukraine while minimizing your risks and expenses.

Legal Aspects of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine in on the list of countries where gestational surrogacy is absolutely legal. While a lot of countries in Europe prohibit this method of infertility treatment, surrogate motherhood is controlled by law and in Ukraine and is used not only by Ukrainian people but also by foreigners from around the globe.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated by Art. 123 of the Family Code  and can be available for heterosexual couples only who are in a registered marriage. IPs can choose between using own biomaterials during the treatment process or donor biomaterials (oocytes/sperm) but at least one parent must have genetic relation with a baby born within surrogacy program. The couple also must also provide a medical reason for the program – their inability to conceive naturally.

Relationship between IPs and Surrogate mother are established in the special Agreement that is signed between them before the program with specifying all the rights and obligations of both parties:

  • Genetic parents must pay for surrogate mother`s services upon fulfilling all the obligations (delivery)
  • A surrogate mother must sign documents stating that she does not have any parental rights over a child after delivery

The couple receives birth certificate for a newborn where they are named as biological parents of a baby, without any mentioning of a surrogate mother`s participation in the program.

Legal Support

Mama Help agency is a full service-agency that provides IPs with the legal support throughout the whole surrogacy journey…

Medical Support

Mama Help agency cooperates with the leading fertility clinics in Kyiv and maintains good relationship with the best fertility…

Logistical support

In order to make your stay in Kyiv the most comfortable and to make you feel like home, we offer the following support:

Linguistic support

Do not afraid of being misunderstood! Language barrier is not a problem, since our team if there for you whenever is needed.

Surrogacy Packages

Mama Help agency offers only complex surrogacy packages without hidden payments. Our packages cover medical, legal, logistic support and all the payments connected with a surrogate mother (including final compensation). We offer our clients 4 packages:

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Surrogacy program using patient`s own ready embryos
36000 EURO
Surrogacy program using patient`s own oocytes
39000 EURO
Surrogacy program using donor oocytes
41000 EURO
Surrogacy program using donor oocytes “Guaranteed"
50000 EURO