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Legal Support

Our Surrogacy Agency is a full service-agency that provides IPs with the legal support throughout the whole surrogacy journey – from the moment of signing the Agreement with the agency till delivery. Our experts have been working in the field for more than 10 years ensuring that all your rights are fulfilled and protected.

We offer wide range of legal services for couples within surrogacy program:

  • Translation and preparation of all the documents needed before the beginning of the program
  • Negotiating and development of individual draft of the Agreement for the program between the parties concerned
  • Arranging and notarization of POA
  • Notary and juridical assistance
  • Child birth certificate obtaining at registration institutions, legalization of documents
  • Preparation of all the documents for the Embassy that are needed for baby`s departure

Medical Support

Mama Help Agency cooperates with the leading fertility clinics in Kyiv and maintains good relationship with the best fertility specialists, giving patients the opportunity to find the best matching Clinic for undergoing the treatment process in each particular case.

Our medical support for IPs, donors and surrogate mothers throughout the treatment process includes the following:

  • Arranging of full diagnostics for a couple in case of using own biomaterials in the program, preparing an individual stimulation plan for a woman
  • Donor (oocyte/sperm) and surrogate mother matching taking into account all the requirements of genetic parents *
  • Arranging of all the medical appointments
  • Accompanying IPs, donor or surrogate during visits to the clinic; informing of IPs about the ongoing donor`s stimulation, surrogate mother preparation for the embryo transfer and pregnancy observation
  • Accompanying during childbirth, arranging of IP`s personal presence during delivery
  • Care for premature baby and pediatrician support after releasing form the clinic (home visits)
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • DNA test for genetic parents

* in case of using ready embryos in the program, the part connected to the donor is not applicable

Logistical Support

In order to make your stay in Kyiv the most comfortable and to make you feel like home, we offer the following support:

  • Assistance during obtaining the visa (sending you personal invitations from the Clinic) and helping you with buying the tickets
  • Arranging accommodation for parents during the first visit (up to 4 days) and during the second visit when coming for the baby (1,5 months)
  • Pick up from the airport to the hotel, providing you with a SIM card and 24/7 concierge-level support from your Case Manager during your stay in Ukraine
  • Providing parents with the newborn essentials during stay in Kyiv

Linguistic Support

Do not afraid of being misunderstood! Language barrier is not a problem, since our team if there for you whenever is needed.

When it comes for translation, we offer you the following services:

  • Translation of all the documents that are needed for the program
  • Medical reports translation and their interpretation for genetic parents
  • Presence of an interpreter during your video calls with surrogate mother candidates
  • Interpreter services providing by your Case Manager during all your visits to the clinic and throughout your stay in Ukraine

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