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Our Surrogacy Agency offers only complex surrogacy packages without hidden payments. Our packages cover medical, legal, logistic support and all the payments connected with a surrogate mother (including final compensation).

We offer our clients 4 packages:

Surrogacy program using patient`s own ready embryos
40000 EURO
Surrogacy program using patient`s own oocytes
43000 EURO
Surrogacy program using donor oocytes
45000 EURO
Surrogacy program using donor oocytes “Guaranteed"
60000 EURO

Our Surrogacy Packages Include:

For Intended Parents (IPs):
  • Full diagnostics for man before the program (sperm test included)
  • Cryopreservation of male`s biomaterial and 1 year storage
  • DNA test after delivery
For Donor:
  • Full diagnostics for a Donor before IVF program
  • Hormonal stimulation (with all the medications included)
  • Ultrasound monitoring and blood tests (LH, E2) throughout the stimulation period
  • Egg retrieval
  • Fetrilization with the help of ICSI method
  • Cultivation of embryos till the stage of blastocysts
  • PGD testing for 5 chromosomes for all the embryos
  • Cryopreservation of embryos and 1 year storage
For Surrogate Mother (SM):
  • Full diagnostics of Surrogate Mother (SM) before the program
  • Preparation of SM before the embryo transfer (with all the medications included)
  • Embryo thawing and transferring to SM uterine cavity
  • Medications for pregnancy support till 10th -12th week of pregnancy (depends on each particular case)
  • Blood test for pregnancy (HCG test)
  • Pregnancy observation for SM (pregnancy monitoring, blood tests, US of fetus, prenatal screenings)
  • Delivery (natural birth or C-section)
  • SM recovery period at the maternity house
  • Newborn`s stay at the neonathology department with 24/7 observation of specialists
  • Pediatrician support for the newborn during the entire stay in Kyiv (home visits)

Legal Assistance:

  • Counseling on legal issues and complete legal support throughout the program
  • Translation and preparation of all the documents needed before the beginning of the program (including validation of the notarized consent of SM husband for the program)
  • Arranging and notarization of POA
  • Negotiating and development of individual draft of the Agreement for the program with a selected SM
  • Child birth certificate obtaining at registration institutions, legalization of documents
  • Preparation of all the documents for the Embassy that are needed for baby`s departure


For IPs:
  • Primary consultation with the representative of the Agency or with the attending Doctor
  • Individual Donor and SM matching taking into consideration all IPs expectations and requirements
  • General support for IPs (meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, Ukrainian SIM card, translation services)
  • Renting an apartment for IPs stay during first visit in Kiev (up to 4 days)
  • Private room for 3-5 days (during delivery)
  • Renting an apartment for living in Kiev after the birth of the child (10 days)
  • Weekly medical reports for IPs about ongoing pregnancy, informing on SM and baby`s health condition
  • Providing IPs with the newborn essentials during your stay in Kiev (baby stroller, scales, crib etc.)
 For SM:
  • All necessary supervision and support for SM throughout the whole program (including her visits to the Clinic)
  • Full payment for SM including final compensation, monthly payments, clothing and food (special pregnancy diet and vitamins)
  • Renting an apartment for SM close to the clinic for the period of pregnancy observation
  • Organization of all the visits of SM to the Clinic
  • SM stay in a standard room (up to 5 days)
  • Post delivery recovery

Additional Payments:

  • Additional embryo transfer to SM uterine cavity – 1500 euro;
  • Biomaterial storage (sperm, embryos) starting from the second year of storage – 300 euro
  • Payment to SM in case of miscarriage after 12th week – 1500 euro – 2000 euro (depending on SM requirements)
  • Payment to SM for C-section – 1500 – 2000euro;
  • Additional payment for twins – 2000 – 2500 euro
  • Compensation to a surrogate mother for ectopic pregnancy – 500 – 700 euro
  • Compensation to a surrogate mother for fallopian tubes loss – 500 – 700 euro
  • Compensation to a surrogate mother for the loss of uterus – 2000 – 3000 euro
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for 24 chromosomes (PGD24) – 300 euro per embryo

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