Why Ukraine - Mama Help

Ukraine is widely considered to be the ideal destination for those seeking surrogacy options.

Affordable prices, favorable legal and medical conditions, possibility of using donor’s oocytes of Slavic women, who are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world – all these reasons attract foreigners from all over the world to come to Ukraine for starting their surrogacy journey.

Despite all the stereotypes that you may heard about Ukraine, travelling here is absolutely safe, moreover Ukraine can become an interesting touristic destination. Kyiv is also one of the best cities in Eastern Europe for food culture, so there is definitely something to do here!

Our Mama Help team will do our best to make your stay in Kyiv as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Pick Up. Do not afraid of language barrier upon your arrival! Mama Help manager and translator will pick you up at one of our airports – Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany, IEV) or Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP) and transfer you to your hotel with comfort.
Stay in Kyiv. We provide you with a cozy and well-located apartment during your stay in Kyiv. We will also give you tips and recommendations on sights and places to eat.
Ukrainian Cuisine deserves special attention. Yonderbound`s global rating put Ukraine among 20 countries with the best food. Ukrainian cuisine is known for its delicious tastes, traditional cooking technologies and various delicious dishes, like borsch, varenyky, banosh, salo, and many more. You can also try Italian, Georgian and Asian food here – Kyiv is definitely the perfect destination for a foodie!
Currency exchange points are everywhere, so you can usually change currency if needed; please pay attention that almost everywhere you can pay with card or mobile phone (even in subway) that is very convenient.
Language. Although it`s true that not all of Ukrainian people speak English, Ukrainians are rather hospitable and friendly nation so you will never feel yourself lost or misunderstood! Moreover, your Case manager is always there for you when you need help – you just need to make a call!